if you knew better you would do better
"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read." —

James Baldwin 

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are you wifey material or bae fabric?

i’m thot tapestry

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"For the intellectual an exilic displacement means being liberated from the usual career, in which ‘doing well’ and following in time-honored footsteps are the main milestones. Exile means that you are always going to be marginal, and that what you do as an intellectual has to be made up because you cannot follow a prescribed path. If you can experience that fate not as a deprivation and as something to be bewailed, but as a sort of freedom, a process of discovery in which you can do things according to your own pattern, as various interest seize your attention, and as a particular goal you set yourself dictates: that is a unique pleasure." — Edward Said, Representations of the Intellectual (via mangoestho)

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white people understanding racism is like a fish trying to understand the water it’s in, someone has to pick the fish up outta the water and put it back so it understands what dry land is like.

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"Identities are formed at the unstable point where personal lives meet the narrative of history. Identity is an ever-unfinished conversation." — Stuart Hall (1932-2014)

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